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Travel to ....

...Fuse33! That would be a swell idea!


Fuse33 is a community makerspace where people can come in and build pretty much anything they want.

For example:

A picture of a cartoon-style rocket ship

##Depicting a very limited rendition of the u.s.s. Enterprise NCC-1701-d, because I couldn't figure out how to do the site-restricted Google search (keeps saying server not accepted)


Or perhaps:

##Limited depiction of a CNC-router-engraved figure eight (hard to see because, well, it's in big part in my imagination)


Anyway, I finally figured out how to use wikipedia images, so here's what Fuse33's electronics area sort of looks like:

picture of a room taken up mostly by a long table covered with various electronics that a half-dozen people are working on


Fuse33, along with Protospace, are two similar makerspaces residing in a city that looks like this (easily identifiable by the tower on the left):

cityscape with multiple towers

Let's close with some enticing links, shall we?

Let me just imagine you nodding you head for a moment...

funny GIF

I know I know, not a nodding head... But I couldn't find any on Wikipedia, so yeah.

Here are links to some makerspaces/hackerspaces found around the globe. Find one near you!

- hackerspaces.org - instagram.com/fuse33calgary - protospace.ca - opensourceecology.org


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